Activities For 3 Year Old Autistic Child

Want To Have More Interesting Activities For 3 Year Old Autistic Child? Read This!

Whether your offspring has mild or severe autism, many ordinary childhood activities for 3 year old autistic child can be difficult.

It can be challenging for them to work around social communication, sensory problems, and an inclination for repetition and routine.

As a consequence, many people avoid trying new things with their autistic children.

If your kid avoids interacting with people or exploring new opportunities on his own, it does not mean that you have to give up.

Instead, you should try to find the best approach to reach out and learn with and from them.

As they have varying needs and showcase an assortment of diverse behaviors, so you should target autism early years activities according to their individual support strategies.

Autistic kids have many common characteristics; nevertheless, many also struggle to process sensory information.

Luckily, there are countless activities for nonverbal autistic child that can help modify the way the brain reacts to different senses such as touch, sight, smell, hearing, etc.

Involving an autistic kid in sensory play is a remarkable way to stimulate their brains so they can learn how to successfully interact with their peers, have increased attention span, and become better learners.

Sensory activities for 2 year old autistic child can aid improve various developmental problems, including brain development, improved focus, etc.

In the article below, I’ll share ten of my favorite sensory activities for autistic children, which can work for all ages.

You can customize them to your child’s individual interests, likes, and dislikes.  

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How To Select The Right Physical Activities For Autistic Child?

There are numerous ways for autistic people and their caretakers to enjoy activities together.

However, the key to success is to pick a hobby or activity and a location that is comfortable and fascinating for the kid.

To pick the right activities for 3 year old autistic child, you should observe his play and, if he is verbal, ask different questions.

You should be aware of what he enjoys and how does he select to share interests with you?

Then, try to join his activity, and instead of giving him your own ideas and instructions, try to follow his ideas and directions.

Many people think that there is a right and wrong way to play a game, and we want our offspring to play it right.

However, when you are dealing with a child with autism, the first and most imperative step is involvement and communication, not direction.

Find ways that can help you increase his interest, take the lead role in his activities, and help him explore the world.

Does she like collecting coins? Would she enjoy watching a puppet show on TV or a game in the real world?

Remember to take only one step at a time. If either you or both don’t enjoy the activity, find another one.

Sensory activities for 2 year old autistic child

10 Activities For 3 Year Old Autistic Child

Emotion Cards

Are you wondering about how to keep an autistic child busy? Then, you should provide them with emotion cards.

These printable cards can aid them in learning to distinguish different emotions in themselves and others.

Cut the cards with scissors and shuffle them in a deck. Then, check each card and see if your little one can identify the emotion without looking at the word.

If he/she gets stuck, that’s totally fine—show them the word and give him/her the perspective for the emotion displayed.

If the card is “angry,” for an instant, you could say, “when a person is angry, they might feel someone has done something wrong intentionally or unintentionally.


Plastic Kite Bag

It is the easiest outdoor activity for a kid with autism. With a little air resistance, the kite drag and blow around just like other kites.

The plastic bag’s fizzing produces a satisfying sound that your autistic child will love.

Scented Playdough

Make up a large collection of playdough and distribute it into separate containers.

Mix different ingredients into each container to generate recognizable odors such as lime juice, ginger, vanilla essence, etc.

When your child plays with the dough, he will enjoy different odors and try to guess what they are.


All kids love water activities, and autistic children are no exception.

You can take him to a lake, pool, or ocean so that he can learn to swim.

Some individuals do learn strokes or become lap swimmers.

activities for nonverbal autistic child

Ice Painting

If your child creates a lot of mess with shaving cream, try ice painting.

Fill up an ice platter with acrylic paint and put Popsicle sticks in each cube, and put the platter in the refrigerator.

Once frozen, take it out and allow your precious one to make art designs and swirls on paper.

It is the best sensory activity for beginners as it helps them easily recognize colors.

Coin Rubbing

Coin rubbing is also one of the best recreational activities for autistic child. You can play it not only with kids, but adults as well.

Collect some coins, put a sheet of paper over them, and use mixed chalks to rub the colorful design into the paper.

With this activity, your offspring will not only enjoy making designs, but he will also be developing his hand-eye coordination skills.  

Sensory Bins

Bin sensory activities for autism in the classroom are beneficial for two reasons.

First, they motivate independent play or discerned order.

Second, they are simple and reachable sensory experience for autistic students.

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Scientific Slime Experiments

Slime is a prevalent craft for youngsters, but it is also an exceptional sensory activity for autistic kids.

There are several slime recipes on the internet— look up your favorite and enjoy making it with your kid.

You can use this as a science or art activity for kids.

Car Wash

You can set up a car washing station in your garden with soap, water bowls, sponges, and a range of plastic vehicles.

Your child will love playing with the soapy water, cleaning the cars, and drying them off.

Hiking And Walking

Autistic people are hardly good at sports, but the majority of them are bursting with energy and stamina.

If your offspring with autism falls into this group, then hiking and walking is great activity for him/her.

In some regions, hiking means walking down the road; in other parts, it means climbing a neighboring mountain.

In both ways, it is an excellent activity to get exercise and spend quality time together.

You can carry a pair of binoculars with you to watch birds, spot vehicles, and gaze at the stars.

Activities For 3 Year Old Autistic Child


Thank you for reading about my favorite sensory activities for 3 year old autistic child.

I hope you are able to begin including some of these activities into your autistic child’s daily life.

If you know about more daily activities for autistic child, please do share them with me in the comments.

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