Are Wood Toys Safe For Babies

Are Wood Toys Safe For Babies?

As a conscious parent, you might be wondering are wood toys safe for babies? Their popularity has increased over the centuries.

Quite simply, organic wooden baby toys are safe and remain a significant play object in schools and houses globally. Besides, they are healthy and inspiring for offspring.

A simple, gorgeously-constructed wooden plaything can grab a kid’s attention without overwhelming him and stimulate their imagination without directing it.

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Why Should You Choose Traditional Wooden Toys?

They never go out of fashion. You won’t see any major commercial hype around them, but they have been appreciated for generations.

Unlike plastic toys for babies for pull up on, they are durable and everlasting. They are countless reasons these affordable toys are better—not only for your cutie pie but for the environment as well.

They are robust, recyclable, and prepared with sustainably sourced, certified wood. Stellar quality, environment-friendly toys don’t contain harmful chemicals and PVC.

However, avoid purchasing cheap quality toys that are manufactured from plywood that is loaded with leach formaldehyde and poisonous glues.

Due to a lack of quality control on such substances, there are greater odds that paints fouled with lead are utilized.

Are Wood Toys Safe For Babies?

Yes, they are safer for them. Two chemicals “BPA and PVC” are present in plastics. According to the food and drug administration, BPA is dangerous to both kids and fetuses.

On the other hand, PVC has perilous effects on the environment from manufacturing to disposal. When phthalates are combined with soft PVC, plastic toys become hazardous for children.

These dangerous chemicals have drastic effects on human hormonal levels. Therefore, you should choose wooden educational toys rather than plastic ones because they don’t contain BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

Are Wooden Baby Toys Made In The USA Eco-Friendly?

They can be environment-friendly. Mostly they are made from rubberwood or bamboo.

Rubberwood trees generate latex for about twenty-five years. When they stop producing latex, the trees are burnt down and replanted.

The no-producing trees are used for constructing wooden toys. It is an effective way to take advantage of those materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

Toys made of bamboo wood are also an excellent choice for families that are concerned about the environment. Bamboo is durable and safer for infants and toddlers.

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5 Reasons To Buy Wooden Toys

1. Teach Cause And Effect

The market is jam-packed with flashing lights, bright tonal hues, and loud noises. These attention-grabbing features instantly grasp the attention of kids, but they turn off chances for problem-solving and creative play.

Wooden baby toys Montessori have simpler designs, so they promote imaginative play that fancy ones can’t. At the age of 9 months, offspring begin to understand cause and effect.

A toy made of wood refines this notion down to its core. They boast an open-ended “blank canvas” that lets the kid explore the toy at their own terms and pace. Toys with bells and whistles can confine and direct how babies can play with them.

2. They Inspire

They are an optimal option to form new worlds from scratch. They can transform wooden blocks into anything they want.

These toys can follow their development from straightforward symbolic play into intricate visionary play. You can rely on them for more meaningful and persistent engagement with toddlers.

3. They Are Long-Lasting

The biggest reason to invest your hard-earned money in them is that they are long-lasting—as long as you take care of them. Montessori inspires infants to explore toys on their own terms.

It means safety is an essential deliberation when selecting toys: which ones will last longer and stay safe over time. Wood is the safest substance for young children.

4. More Uses: Fewer Toys

As there are numerous choices available, so kids can easily get overwhelmed. The uncluttered spaces of Montessori and classrooms tend to vaunt a narrower selection of versatile wooden playthings.

When there are limited options, kids naturally create closer connections with toys and go deeper with their games. They permit them to generate their own ways of playing and spend more time with a single toy.

5. Support Social Interaction

Playing games on laptops and mobiles can often be a solitary activity for kids. However, wooden playthings can promote interaction with other babies and teach them sharing and teamwork. They can help spatial and social awareness.

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              Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wooden Toys






Higher Cost


Risk For Splinters


Less Functions



              Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastic Toys




Hazard Of Toxicity


Danger Of Injury



Easy To Clean

Not Eco-Friendly

Comparatively Cheaper

Inferior Quality

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Wooden Playthings

  • What wood is a toy manufactured from—is it toxic or untreated?
  • Is it designed for a specific age group?
  • Does it have metal fixtures?
  • Is it smooth and has rounded edges?
  • Is the paint lead and cadmium-free and non-contaminated?
  • Is the adhesive and sealer food grade?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Wood Is Safe For Babies?

Hardwood such as maple or oak is the safest wood for children. Softer woods, on the other hand, tend to splinter, so they are not good enough for tots.

Whatever you make, don’t forget to sand it completely, so that it feels smooth on touch.

2. What Kind Of Toys Should Babies Not Be Given?

Never give them coins, marbles, and balls that are 4.4cm in diameter or less because they can get stuck in the throat and cause a problem with breathing.

Also, if you want to give them battery-operated playthings, make sure they have battery cases that are secured with screws so that children can’t open them.

3. Is Pine Wood Toxic For Babies?

The majority of wooden toy manufacturers use maple, cherry, and beech wood to construct toys. Actually, no wood is 100% safe for toddlers, so before buying toys, parents should know if they have any issues with certain sorts of woods.

4. Are Montessori Toys Better?

Toys that are made of ceramic, cotton, wood, metal, or wool are designed to engage them to nature and safer to mouth. Additionally, diverse textures and weights can help them improve their senses and allow them to learn more while holding a toy.

5. Are Wooden Toys Antibacterial?

Yes, they have antibacterial properties. Their porous surface absorbs bacteria and dampness. The bacteria ultimately die instead of growing as it does on plastic.

6. Are Wooden Toys More Hygienic Than Plastic?

Wooden toys are less germ-laden than plastic ones. Wood features antibacterial materials that make it more hygienic and has a type of self-cleaning process even when severely dirty. They are most commonly used in kids’ hospitals, day-care centers, and doctors’ clinics.

7. What Toys Should My 2 Year Old Be Playing With?

You can buy books, doctor’s kits, construction toys, wooden toys, etc. for them to encourage them to utilize their imagination and imitate the activities they watch happening around them.

8. What Makes A Good Toy?

A good toy is one that is amusing for your little one and appropriate for his age, personality, and growth requirements. Typically, it encourages active play. Children will need to push, pull, dissect, and build it.

9. At What Age Should A Child Stop Playing With Toys?

They should stop playing with toys at the age of 9.

10. What Makes A Toy Baby Safe?

A toy is safe for your kid if all of its parts are on tight and seams and edges are secure. Also, it is better if it is machine washable. If it has loose strings or ribbons, remove them to avoid choking. Don’t purchase toys that have small pellets or stuffing that can cause blockage or oxygen deprivation if swallowed.


Wooden toys can boost your baby’s mental, physical, and emotional development. With a continuously increasing array of wooden toys obtainable today, there is a realm of play that both kids and parents can discover together.

I hope after reading my article on “are wood toys safe for babies”, you have got answers to all your questions. If you still have any queries, feel free to get in touch with me.


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