Best Valentines Gifts For Kids

30 Best Valentines Gifts For Kids in 2023

When it comes to the best Valentines gifts for kids, finding the right present can make grandparents and parents feel confused.

The valentines gifts for grandchildren show your precious ones that you care about them, and if your gifts can keep them busy for some time, that’s remarkable, too.

Chocolates, candies, and teddy bears are always appreciated, but toddler valentines gifts that can bring out their artistic sides will have a long-lasting effect.

Whether you are searching for a present for an infant, a high-spirited toddler, or a smart teenager, I have got you covered.

I have compiled a list of 30 best valentines day gifts for grandkids that are great for kids of all ages, including books, gadgets, and sugary treats.

valentine gifts for toddler grandchildren

30 Best Valentines Day Gifts For Kids Of All Ages

1. Teether

A teether is one of the best gifts for a one year old baby’s first valentine’s day.

Look for one that is constructed of medical-grade silicone and wood. You can attach it to your baby’s car seat or stroller to keep him entertained.

2. Animal Hoodie

If your kids love animals, you can gift them an animal hoodie. The market is filled with many animal hoodies, so choose one that has their favorite superheroes or animals, and you are assured of getting a big hug of gratitude.

These hoodies have adorable zip-up and pull-over styles for both girls and boys so that you can purchase one for all your nieces and nephews and kids as well.

valentines day gifts for grandkids3. Puffy Paint

Do you know it takes only three ingredients to make puffy paint?

All you need to do is add glue, food color, and shaving cream to a container and mix everything to combine very well.

Your cutie pies will be surprised as they see these valentine’s puff up into 3D shapes. They can also produce different patterns with different hues.

As an extra shimmery bonus, add pink, red, or blue glitter to make the puffy paint sparkle.

4. Heart Glitter Jar

Express your love for your kids on this Valentine’s Day with a heart glitter jar. Trust me; they will love playing with it.

Make a customized mason jar with Valentine’s Day theme and cover it with a lid that fits tightly on the top. Then, fill it with glitter, glitter glue, and water.

Just like a snow globe, it will look hypnotic when you shake it a bit while it’s closed.

This heart glitter jar can be a fantastic Valentine’s Day décor at home. Besides, it can be a fun gift to bring to their classroom at school.

5. Musical Instruments

Are you surfing the net to find the best valentine gifts for toddler grandchildren?

Well, you know kids of this technological era are extremely talented.

So, help them exhibit their musical gifts in front of the world with musical instruments and lessons.

You can easily find all sorts of musical instruments in the market.

valentine gift ideas for grandkids

6. Sweets Bucket

Recycle the old jars and their holders to create a sweets bucket that is one of the best Valentines gifts for kids.

Fill all bottles with treats and candies, and decorate the buckets and their holders to celebrate the day of love.

7. Bubbles

If you don’t want to give your children candies on this Valentine’s Day, you can present them with a bucket of bubbles with DIY heart wands.

This homemade gift is terrifically easy to make, and the best thing is that your offspring will love it.

8. PJs

Are you looking for valentine gifts for niece and nephew? Pajamas are one of the few clothing pieces that most children will appreciate receiving as a present.

PJs are available in all types of colors and prints to fit your nieces’ and nephews’ personal style and comfort.

9. Heart Apron

If your kid loves baking, you can give them a personalized heart baking apron. They will love wearing it on this Valentine’s Day to bake cake or cookies for you and your family.

10. Chocolate Game Controller

Chocolate is a traditional gift of Valentine’s Day, but it’s one of those presents that is always welcome.

If your little one is a video games addict, give him this chocolate bar that is molded like a video game controller. They will love valentine gifts chocolate girls 4-5 years old.

11. Heart Masks

Health crisis has transformed our lives in numerous ways, and one of the biggest is masks. I know they are not something great, but you can make them a little better by making them festive.

Adorable heart masks are an ideal gift for your offspring for this special day.

12. Scooter

If you have a 4-5 years old kid, you can gift them a scooter. It is guaranteed that they will get hours and hours of fun scooting around on their scooter.

Get one in pink or red color with light-up wheels for added Valentine’s Day fun.

valentine gifts chocolate girls 4-5 years old

13. Museum Membership

Museum memberships are one of the best valentines gifts for kids.

Annual family permits to kid-friendly places like nature centers, gardens, and museums pay themselves within 3-4 visits.

However, only one visit can arouse the curiosity of young minds.

14. Take Them To The Bowling Alley

If you want to spend quality time with your kids and get their endorphins to flow like crazy, you can take them to a bowling alley or skating rink.

You can also take them to an indoor rock climbing gym. Rock climbing gym or bowling alley admission is one of the best family valentine gift ideas.

15. Dance Half Sleeves Shirt 

If your kid is fond of dancing, you can gift them a dance half sleeves t-shirt. Kids, especially girls, love such kinds of things.

She can wear it at her school or birthday dance party, or she can wear it on her sports day.

16. Necklace

If you are wondering what to get daughter for Valentines Day, I recommend you gift her a necklace. Girls really like beautiful necklaces.

As a teenage girl, your niece or granddaughter will appreciate receiving a necklace, and she will say it loudly that her aunty or grandparent gave her this gift on this Valentine’s Day.

personalized valentine gifts for grandchildren

17. Magnet Badge

Magnet badge is a remarkable present. You can buy it from your local market, but make sure it is high-quality.

You can hang it in the freezer or a cabinet in her bedroom. You can write some good phrases on the badge, and I assure you that your little girl will really like it.

18. Diamond Earnings

If your niece, daughter, or granddaughter is a college-going girl, you can give her diamond earrings.

It is an expensive present, but if you want to express your love and can afford it, why not invest more money in your precious girl.

She will definitely love you more than ever after receiving this gift.

19. Plush Toys

All kids love plush toys. So, you can buy some good and intriguing toys for them.

It would be much better to get them a basket loaded with toys. It is one of the best valentines gifts for grandkids for toddlers.

20. Character Slippers

If you need valentine gift ideas for grandkids, then character slippers are an outstanding choice for them. They can utilize them in various places such as their room, washroom, or home.

As they are character slippers, so you can pick those characters that your little boy likes. You can ask him if you don’t know about his favorite characters.

valentines gifts for grandchildren

21. Baseball Bat

A baseball bat is also a wonderful valentines day gift for son. It will be great to gift him a bat with engraved his name or some player signature on it.

22. Night Light Bulb

Night light bulb is one of the fantastic valentines presents for kids of all ages. It is a beautiful and useful gift because they can take advantage of it while studying in their room.

23. Photo Book

A photo book is one of my favorite family valentine gift ideas. Making a photo book for your little ones is an exceptional present because they will value it forever.

24. Phone Case

Nowadays, offspring have cellphones by the time they get to middle school. So, if you are on the lookup for a present for a teenage kid, get them an eye-catching smartphone case.

The latest mobile phone cases are affordable and are an awesome approach to letting your children personalize their gadgets to match their personalities.

There are many different designs and styles in smartphone cases; you can easily find something for your kids. The best thing about this present is that it won’t add clutter to your home.

valentines presents for kids

25. Baking Book

If your kids love baking, you can give them a baking book. With this cookbook’s help, they will learn how to bake independently.

It guides them through essential baking skills, from separating eggs to rolling cookie dough.

26. Unicorn Blanket

You can gift a beautiful and colorful unicorn blanket to your child. It is a lovely and gorgeous present for any kid.

In the Valentine’s Day spirit, this soft, pleasant, and fluffy cover will change any chilly baby into a warm baby. It’s a one-size-fits-all gift for all unicorn lovers. Also, it’s well-suited for babies.

27. Dress

Dresses are the best Valentines Day gifts for kids. Get some beautiful and high-quality dresses for your children.

best valentines gifts for kids 28. Smartwatch

Is your child always asking to play with your smartwatch? Now, he can have his own on this Valentine’s Day.

This amazing device keeps them entertained, fit, and helps them learn how to tell time at one.

After defeating virtual monsters in games, they can also capture selfies with their best buddies. And thanks to the watch function, he will be back home in time.

29. Rainbow Mug

A rainbow mug is also one of the best valentines gifts for kids. They will love drinking hot chocolate in a cup with their cute portrait and name.

30. Customized Pillows

Your kid will appreciate getting a tailored baby pillow on the day of love. Believe me; it will be your offspring’s favorite because of the sparkling stars.

As soon as he recognizes himself on this pillow, it will become his favorite spot to cuddle.

valentine gifts chocolate girls 4-5 years oldConclusion

Whether you are on the outlook for best valentines gifts for kids, valentines gifts for girls, or valentine present for boys, think about their likes and dislikes.

Do they like games, plush toys, or gadgets? Whatever they like, there are countless options for personalized valentine gifts for grandchildren, so go on and show your love!

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