how to apply makeup for beginners dark skin

An Ultimate Guide On How To Apply Makeup For Beginners Dark Skin

Are you looking for an in-depth guide on how to apply makeup for beginners dark skin? Look no further because you have finally found the right post.

Every girl craves for a fresh, flawless, and youthful skin.

Unluckily, not all of us are blessed with a healthy and radiant face and this is where the makeup steps in.

It plays a significant role in every woman’s life and she can adapt to numerous moods through this powerful weapon.

Simple makeup has the power to dramatically transform your mood and make you ready to slay the day.

If you are feeling a tad bit unhappy or anxious, putting some cool makeup on your face can uplift your mood instantly.

For the majority of females around the globe, makeup makes them pleased and boosts self-confidence. Many beauties use it for its feel great benefits only.

How To Apply Makeup For Beginners

How To Apply Makeup For Beginners Dark Skin?

Applying makeup is a daunting task especially if you are a newbie.

But, don’t panic because makeup for beginners is an art and requires practice.

With the help of the right products and training, you can master the essentials of makeup application.

The local and digital markets are flooded with the sheer variety of products, so picking what’s suitable for you could feel a little bit intimidating.

As a beginner, it’s critical to understand what each product’s actual purpose is and how to apply it to achieve a seamless and flawless look.

Initially, it can be difficult to understand what product does what but bear in mind that every makeup guru was once a beginner.

Regardless of, whether you need to find the simplest method to do your makeup for a girls’ date or want to look glamorous at a party, I’m here to help you.

This comprehensive article on how to apply makeup for newbies is all you will need to take the first pace into the exhilarating world of cool make up.

Which Makeup Look Is Perfect For You?

Do you want to try a simple make up look to enhance your natural features or you want to try a smoky makeup look you have seen on your favorite celebrity?

Before getting started, have a peek around and find out what you find eye-catching and spectacular.

You can find some cute makeup looks for inspiration and to obtain some thrilling ideas on how you would like to do your own makeup looks.

Some women want a heavy look that takes more than one hour to complete, and others prefer a simple and light makeup look that requires only 10 to 15 minutes.

Ultimately, it depends on your own choice, taste, and where you want to go with this look.

If you are looking for a light look, then you should opt for easy and quick makeup regimes.

Many ladies like to follow makeup trends, which is quite a prevalent thing nowadays.

However, just because a makeup look is making a buzz, it does not mean that it will suit you.

Many girls apply beginner makeup with an intention to completely transform their faces, and others again just want a natural look.

Therefore, instead of following trends, it’s better to understand how DIY makeup works and which products are right for you is the ideal way to enter in the makeup world.

easy makeup tips for beginners

Here Are Some Makeup Tips And Tricks On How To Apply Makeup For Beginners Dark Skin.

Remove Old Makeup

It is the key rule that must be included in the everyday makeup routine.

You should do cleansing to prevent irritation and pore clogging.

Makeup won’t look good on a rough face, so old makeup should be cleaned thoroughly. Before going to sleep, make sure to remove it.

If you will apply it to old makeup, it will give an unnatural look.

Wash Your Face

If you have used makeup remover to get rid of old makeup, then don’t forget to wash your face with clean water.

To wash your face, you can choose the best facial cleanser to eliminate bacteria and dead skin cells.

After cleansing, use cool water to wash your face. After that, put moisturizer to restore the natural oil in the skin.

simple makeup

Prime Your Face

The next most significant step of how to apply makeup for beginners dark skin is to prime your face.

Many people don’t consider it an important product because they don’t know about its benefits.

If you will apply it on your face before putting makeup, it will dramatically boost the appearance of your makeup and will extend the wear time of makeup.

It also decrease oiliness, reduces pores’ appearance, fine lines, and wrinkles, makes the skin smooth, and prevents the base from flaking.

Use Concealer Only When Needed

If you are suffering from under eye dark circles and blemishes, you can hide them with a concealer.

It is highly recommended to pick a creamy product that has a lighter shade than your skin tone.

If you are using a liquid formula, it can be applied over the base.

On the other hand, if you are using a creamy one, apply it before putting the foundation.

Use a concealer brush to perfectly blend it, so it matches your foundation’s shade.

Apply Foundation

If you are looking for makeup tips and tricks on how to apply makeup for beginners dark skin, then I would recommend you to invest money in great quality and lightweight foundation that can be used on a regular basis for long hours.

According to experts, you should opt for a tone that matches your natural skin tone.

If you are using a liquid, creamy, or powdered foundation, it’s vital to use a foundation brush to apply and blend it to your face.

It should blend effortlessly and not look cakey. Also, apply it on your neck and earlobes.

You can also use your fingertips for the application of liquid foundation.

However, before utilizing fingers, make sure they are clean; otherwise, dirt can add bacteria to your skin and will result in acne.

beginner makeup


A great quality compact can give your easy makeup looks a very smooth and matte finish.

If you are looking for professional makeup for beginners tips, then you must incorporate this habit into your makeup routine.

The basic purpose of utilizing the compact is to mattify your foundation.

It makes it sweat-proof, so it will last for an extended period.


Everyone loves the astonishing flush of bright color on the face.

Apply a baby pink, peach, or orangey peach blush on your cheeks to make them look bright, fresh, and radiant instantly.

Don’t overdo it; otherwise, you will look like a clown.

Use Highlighter

The next step of the fun makeup game is to apply highlighter.

If you have applied foundation and compact perfectly, the highlighter will brighten up your face and the deeper corners of your eyes.

You can choose a powder or cream highlighter; it’s your own choice.

Contour Your Face

It is one of the most important steps of how to apply makeup for beginners dark skin.

It does the opposite of what the highlighter does.

You have to apply powder on your face that is darker than your natural skin tone to achieve a minimized appearance.

Typically, contouring is done on the cheekbones, jawline, sides of the nose, and near the hairline.

cute makeup looks

Fill Your Eyebrows

It’s not a compulsory step, but if you have thin eyebrows, then you should not skip it.

In this step, you have to outline the edges of your face and fill the middle with small strokes with the help of an eye pencil or powder.

Eye Shadow

To complete crazy makeup looks, it’s necessary to apply eyeshades.

After filling your eyebrows, now, it’s time to move down to your eyes.

It may seem alluring to apply multiple colors on the eyes, but if you are a beginner, it can be a really daunting task for you.

That’s why; you should put only one or two shades on your eyes.

Once you are done with eyeshadow for beginners, it’s time to move on to mascara and eyeliner.

Mascara can make your eyes look awake and bigger promptly.

However, on the other hand, eyeliner enhances or changes the shape of the eye and draws attention to the eyes. 

makeup tips and tricks


The final step of how to apply makeup for beginners dark skin is to apply a long-lasting lipstick or lip gloss.

The basic purpose of wearing lipstick is to pull your entire DIY makeup look together.

Before getting started, make sure to smooth out your lips with the help of primer or lip balm.

Use a thin lips drawing easy liner to outline your lips that perfectly matches your lipstick’s shade.

Then, apply the lipstick using a brush or directly from the tube.

Congratulations, your simple beginner makeup look is ready.

how to apply makeup for beginners dark skin

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Makeup Should A Beginner Buy?

You should buy foundation, concealer, bronzer, neutral eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, mascara, brow powder, and a nude and a bold lip color.

2. Why Do I Look Dark After Applying Makeup?

An acidic pH level on your skin can cause oxidation process that can make you look darker after applying makeup.

3. How Can Dark Skin Look Beautiful?

When dark skin tone becomes dry, it can begin to look ashy and grey, so you should apply great quality moisturizer daily and after every shower or bath. That way, your dark toned skin will look healthy and radiant.

4. How Do I Choose A Concealer?

You should pick a concealer based off of your foundation shade. According to beauty experts, you should purchase two shades of concealer, one darker shade and one lighter shade, since daily sun exposure slightly shifts your skin color all the time.

5. Do I Need Face Primer?

If your foundation stays on all day, then you don’t need a primer at all. It extends the wear of your foundation and adds a smoothing and obscuring effect to your skin.

Sum Up

So, now you are aware of how to apply makeup for beginners dark skin.

I have shared plenty of simplest and easiest beginner makeup tips and tricks that you can follow to achieve your first glamorous make up look.

Applying cool makeup becomes effortless once you are acquainted with the basics.

The best thing you can do to become a pro make up guru is to wear makeup on a regular basis.

Also, try to create new crazy makeup looks or simple makeup looks by using these techniques as much as you can.

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