How To Make Eyebrows Darker Permanently

How To Make Eyebrows Darker Permanently? 7 Effective Ways

Are you surfing the internet to find out how to make eyebrows darker permanently? You have landed at the right place.

It’s said that eyes are the soul’s windows, then brows are like your drapes. They frame and tone your face.

So, if you have thin, light eyebrows, I can feel your pain.

It’s a tough errand to discover the right sort of eyebrow makeup items, and it takes a lot of time to make perfect natural-looking brows.

Also, folks who have colored hair might want to balance out their appearance by adding some color to their brows.

Darker and perfectly shaped brows can elevate your makeup game.

If you are fed up with grooming your brows regularly, read on to learn how to make your eyebrows darker without dye.

how to make your eyebrows darker without dye

How To Make Eyebrows Darker Permanently?

Here are the proven ways to make your brows darker at home.

Keep in mind that these methods will make your brows darker temporarily.

How To Darken Eyebrows With Pencil?

Eyebrow pencil is the most useful thing to darken your brows.

You can rely on it to fill in the gaps and craft a clean outline for your brows.

Use an eye pencil that is one or two shades darker than your natural brow color.

Make little strokes identical to your brow hair with the pencil’s slim tip.

Fill in the regions that have scarce growth in your natural hair’s direction.

How To Darken Eyebrows With Eye Shadow?

The second way of how to make your eyebrows darker and thicker is through eye shadow.

It’s the easiest approach, but its downside is that it comes off swiftly, so you will have to reapply it very often.

Take an eye shadow brush and dip it in a shade similar to your real eyebrow color.

Rub the brush along your brows to make them look fuller and darker.

Opt for a lighter shade than the previous one and brush the shade on your brows gently so that you don’t have very dark brows.

how to darken eyebrows naturally with coffee

How To Darken Eyebrows With Eyebrow Gel?

You can also utilize eyebrow gel to darken your light brows.

It helps emphasize your brow color and set your hair in the correct place.

Take a brush and dip it in the brow gel and apply it in your brow hair growth’s direction in small strokes.

Make sure to get it on your inner and mid brows to highlight the fuller parts of your brows further.

How To Darken Eyebrows Through Makeup?

Another proven technique to darken the eyebrows is through several makeup products such as eyeliner or mascara.

This technique is temporary and works only for 24 hours.

While doing your makeup, take a brush and dip it once in the mascara tube.

Lift the brush and get the excess mascara off by rubbing it on the tube’s outline.

Swipe it softly on your brows so that it applies uniformly without looking darker or spreading.

Sometimes, you may have to touch it up a bit to make it look flawless.

How To Darken Eyebrows With Eyebrow Tint?

The next way of how to make eyebrows darker permanently is to use eyebrow tint.

It will add extra glam to your look. Begin with a tiny amount of brow tint. Ensure to pick the correct color.

Apply it on your brows and ensure you maintain your natural brows’ shape.

Remove the extra tint with cotton or earbud.

Once it dries, follow the guidelines mentioned on the product to remove it and procure a natural look.

how to darken eyebrows with pencil

How To Darken Eyebrows With Castor Oil?

Castor oil is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids, and proteins, which are essential for nourishing your hair follicles.

Take 3-4 drops of it and then massage it on your brows with your fingertips.

Leave it for half an hour, then remove it with a makeup remover. Wash your face afterward.

How To Darken Eyebrows Naturally With Coffee?

Coffee is the best way to darken brows at home.

Mix a few tablespoons of ground coffee with a little bit of honey or oil to produce a paste.

Apply it to your brows evenly and let it sit for 20 minutes so that it can have sufficient time to tint your brows before rinsing.

It’s a temporary method and won’t last as long as an eyebrow tint.


Makeup and proper styling can make you look younger and also aid in showing off your brows.

If you have great eyebrows, then they help in framing your eyes.

They also compliment the face and, most importantly, offer stability without compromising the rest of the makeup.

Perfectly-groomed eyebrows are essential because they have the power to make or break your entire makeup look.

If you want to look beautiful and charismatic, always keep them in shape.

If you have light brows, follow the tips I mentioned above to acquire darker, fuller brows.

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