how to make hair stronger and thicker

How To Make Hair Stronger And Thicker?

Do you have thin, dull, and lifeless hair? Are you looking for effective hair tips on how to make hair stronger and thicker?

Everyone dreams of having long, thick, and healthy hair. Healthy strands are strong, smooth, super-silky, and shine brighter.

Both men and women want to keep their locks in great shape, but many folks struggle to achieve them.

In this era of perms and extreme blow dry jobs, it’s not a query of if your strands are damaged but of how severe the condition is.

Bad hair days are not a joke. Dull and lifeless hair can make you feel less confident.

However, when your locks are long, glossy, and thick, undoubtedly, you feel great.

Our hair is prone to damage such as thinning, dryness, frizz, and much more.

With all these potential hair problems, it’s no surprise that having incredible hair requires effort.

With a few sneaky little changes to your hair care routine for hair growth, maintaining thicker and healthier hair can be effortless.

Are you wondering how to keep your hair healthy? Let’s take a look at trusted and effective hair tips on how to make hair stronger and thicker.

hair care routine for hair growth

How To Make Hair Stronger And Thicker? 12 Proven Hair Tips

1. Get It Wet Less Frequently

Very few individuals know that water makes strands swell from the inside that leads them to frizz and breakage.

Hair experts recommend wetting hair less frequently.

It’s better to skip a day or use a dry shampoo that can remove grease and sweat from your hair.

2. Eat A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet plays an imperative role in our hair and scalp health.

Vitamins, minerals, protein, iron, and zinc found in different fruits and vegetables are important for thick hair.

Hair is made of protein, so it’s necessary to consume at least 45g of protein every day.

You can add eggs, beans, fish, dairy products, and meat into your diet.

Also, make a habit of drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated that will have a direct impact on your hair, skin, and nails.

3. Acquire Regular Hair Cuts

According to hair experts, it’s necessary to get regular haircuts.

If you have dry hair with split ends, your hair won’t grow.

A trim every six to eight weeks ensures minimal split ends or breakage.

how to keep your hair healthy

4. Brush It Before Shower

Regardless of, what’s your hair texture, taking 1 minute to detangle your locks will help you keep them strong.

Wet hair is more susceptible to breakage, so it’s better to brush your dry hair before taking a shower.

It distributes oils from the scalp down to the ends, so after a shower, hair becomes silky and smooth.

5. Apply Hair Oils

It is one of the most trusted hair tips on how to make hair stronger and thicker.

Hair massage regulates the amount of oil generated by the oil glands in the scalp.

The produced oil nourishes the hair and scalp as well.

You can combine almond, olive, and coconut oil and apply them to your hair before shampooing.

An overabundance of oil can make it look weighted down.

People with dry locks must use hair oils to seal in the moisture and prevent breakage.

6. Get Smarter About Your Shampoo And Conditioner

To clean your scalp, it’s vital to shampoo your strands.

Always apply shampoo on the scalp instead of focusing on the ends.

However, while applying conditioner, pay attention to the ends only.

Don’t over shampoo your locks because it can remove all the essential oils that are responsible to keep hair moisturized and shiny.

Go for the best hair care products that are made of natural ingredients.

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7. Take Deep Breaths

If you are living a stressful life, then sooner or later, your hair will become thin.

Stress is an enemy of thick and strong strands.

Therefore, you should do deep breathing every day to release stress and tension.

8. Don’t Use Hot Water

I know a steamy shower feels really good, but it can irritate the scalp and make top-hair weak.

That’s why; rinse your locks with cold water to seal cuticles, enhance luster, and maintain strong hair.

9. Protect Hair From The Sun Rays

Ultra-violet rays of the sun are not only harmful to our skin, but for hair as well.

So, you should wear a hat to prevent scalp burning and hair dehydration.

10. Deep Condition Every Week

It is one of the most effective habits to keep your hair stronger.

You should integrate a deep conditioning hair mask into your weekly hair care regime for extra hydration.

11. Use A Silk Pillow

If you are using a cotton pillow, swap it with a silk one.

It will safeguard the hair cuticle by decreasing the amount of friction between the fabric and your strands.

Also, try loose braid to reduce stress on your locks.

12. Avoid Hot Tools

If you blow dry your best hair regularly, then, stop practicing it as soon as possible.

If you want to curl or straighten your strands, make sure to use a protective spray beforehand to prevent future damage.

how to make hair stronger and thicker


These type 1 hair tips on how to make hair stronger and thicker can deliver outstanding results if you will follow them religiously.

It may seem like obtaining long, thick, and shiny hair is difficult, but with just a few little tweaks to your hair care routine for damaged hair, you can witness the evident difference.

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