How To Reduce Pore Size Permanently

How To Reduce Pore Size Permanently?

Wondering how to reduce pore size permanently? Your pores may be less or more perceptible depending on your genetics, skin type, exposure to the sun, and age.

Whether they are of large or small size, they serve a significant purpose. According to dermatologists, they are a critical part of our health.

They permit our skin to breathe and are the pathway between the inside and outside of the body. They also make our skin soft and supple.

Pores become enlarge and more visible with the growing age and look unpleasant. They are commonly seen on oily and aging skin.

If you have oily skin and large pores, you are more prone to acne, pimples, blackheads, and other skin problems.

But the good news is we can make them less observable. Reducing their size is not as hard as you may contemplate.

I spoke to five dermatologists to get their expert guidance on how to make pores smaller naturally. Here are the best ways to smaller-looking pores.


how to make pores smaller naturally

How To Reduce Pore Size Permanently?

1. Add A Mild Face Wash And Cleanser To Your Daily Skincare Routine

You should use a mild face wash and cleanser two times a day. It is the easiest and fastest method to diminish the appearance of pores.

Remember not to wash your face too much. Also, use a moisturizer that is made of natural ingredients to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

2. Don’t Touch Your Face

You should not touch your face unless you are washing or cleansing it.

The bacteria and germs on your fingers can transfer to your face and go into the pores. So, it is better to avoid touching your face.

3. Use Gel-Based Cleansers

The next effective method of “how to shrink pores naturally” is the use of a gel-based cleanser. They are great for individuals with oily skin and large pores.

You should not use oil and alcohol-based cleansers because they can make your skin itchy.

An oil-based cleanser may leave residue in your pores and make the skin oily.

Besides, the gel-based cleanser eliminates oil from the pores and also makes them look small.

4. Use Water-Based Products

Moisturizing products have different types of active ingredients, including oils. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you should utilize water-based products as well as water-based makeup, especially if you have oily and acne-prone skin.

These items are loaded with humectants such as honey and urea rather than oils. However, the oil-based skin care products have coconut oil, petroleum jelly, and other types of oils.

They deeply nourish the skin but are not effective for folks with oily skin and large pores. The extra oil can make the pores look bigger.

how to shrink pores naturally

5. Use Topical Solutions

To treat your trouble spots, you can use topical solutions that have alpha hydroxyl acid, benzoyl peroxides, etc.

They are great at treating the symptoms of sun damage, kill bacteria, and reduce the size of pores.

6. Apply Clay Mask

You can use a clay face mask to get rid of excess oil from the pores because clay absorbs sebum.

Eliminating that residue can help prevent pores from becoming larger and make them less evident.

You should apply the drugstore face mask on a different day than exfoliating because treating your skin too much can cause irritation that can make the pores look bigger and can lead to dark spots.

7. Avoid Heavy Foundation

If you want to make your pores look smaller, avoid applying a heavy foundation.

Makeup contains emulsifiers such as lanolin, lauric acid, etc. that clog pores and make them appear bigger.

Another downside of heavy makeup is that it can’t help you to conceal enlarged pores. It settles around them and makes them more visible.

8. Use Primer With SPF

The next tip of “how to reduce pore size permanently” is to apply primer with SPF.

You must apply sunscreen to shield your skin from the destructive rays of the sun.

Ultraviolet rays and pollution cause free radicals that break down the elastin and collagen in the skin. They make the skin less tight and the pores look larger.

Therefore, you should use a primer with SPF because it will protect your skin from the sun’s rays and also make the pores look small.

9. Use Products With Glycolic Acid

If you are wondering how to shrink pores on the face, then use products that contain glycolic acid.

It is one of my favorite ingredients for treating large pores because it is great at dissolving dead cells and absorbing oils with lactic acid.

10. Exfoliate Your Skin

You should exfoliate your skin once a week to soften and eliminate the pore-enlarging accumulation of dead skin cells, sebum, makeup, and dirt.

Exfoliation exposes the newer, cleaner, and brighter skin beneath. Clean pores also look small.

Your skin will also appear and feel softer after eradicating all the skin debris.

Large Pores Treatment Dermatologist

If you follow your daily Korean skin care routine, but still have noticeably large pores, don’t lose hope.

Dermatologists have various effective treatments that you can take at their clinics to get rid of this problem.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photofacial

The first treatment of “how to reduce pore size permanently” is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photofacial, in which intense pulsed beams of broad-spectrum light are utilized to target the skin’s lower layer to fuel collagen creation.

It slowly reduces wrinkles and makes the skin’s uneven texture smooth.

Furthermore, IPL tightens the collagen as well as shrinks the blood vessels underneath the skin layer to help eliminate redness and aging lines.

You can also explore Fotofacial RF which relies on light and radio waves to treat the large pores.


This process is my favorite because it does not involve the use of invasive and chemicals.

Dermatologists spray the skin with microcrystals to smoothly rub the skin to eliminate dead skin cells’ external layer.

It inspires the skin to generate elastin and collagen that help make the pores look smaller and plump up the skin as well.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling sounds painful but it is very effective for treating large pores and other skin problems.

Doctors use different types of acids such as lactic, retinol acid, etc. to remove the dead skin cells’ outer layer. It reveals new, fresh, and smooth skin.

Large Pores Treatment Dermatologist

Laser Skin Resurfacing

The next treatment of “how to close pores permanently” is laser skin resurfacing.

Dermatologists use it to treat wrinkles, discolorations, acne scars, and other skin damages.

They take advantage of a laser to eradicate the skin’s fine layers to treat the issues.

It is the most aggressive and expensive skin treatment and needs a prolonged recovery period.

Photodynamic Therapy

If you are wondering how to shrink pores on the nose and looking for a treatment that has little downtime, then try photodynamic therapy.

It utilizes photosensitizer or light-activated solution to reduce the oil glands’ size on the skin and improves skin’s texture. It decreases pores size considerably.

How To Reduce Pores On Face By Home Remedy?

If you don’t want to take pore shrinking treatments, then try these home remedies.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This natural skin toner has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

You can use it to treat acne breakouts and tighten the large pores. Moreover, it also restores the pH levels of the skin.

Mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with two teaspoons of water. Dip the cotton ball in the blend and apply it to your face.

Let it stay on your skin for about 10 minutes and wash your face. Then, apply face moisturizer.

Sugar Scrub

To make a sugar scrub, you need only three ingredients: 1 tablespoon of olive oil, few drops of lemon juice, and two tablespoons of sugar.

Mix these things and gently rub them on your face for a few seconds. Wash your face after 1 minute.

Ice Cubes

If you are looking for a permanent treatment for open pores, then apply ice cubes to your skin. Ice tightens the skin and shrinks the large pores.

It is a simple, easy, and free of cost home remedy to get rid of large pores. It enhances your skin health by boosting your face’s blood circulation.

treatment for open poress

Egg Whites

Egg whites are great at tightening and toning the skin, which as a result will reduce those big pores.

Egg white peel-off mask can also eliminate excess oil from your skin.

To prepare it, take one egg and separate its white part from the yolk, and beat it very well.

Spread it on your entire face and instantly cover it with tissue pieces. The egg whites will work like glue.

Allow it to dry thoroughly and then remove the tissues. Otherwise, you can wash your face with plain water. Use this remedy two times a week.

Multani Mitti Or Fuller’s Earth

It is one of the best home remedies to treat oily skin and large pores. It exfoliates the skin and absorbs the extra oil.

To use it, mix fuller’s earth with a teaspoon of rose water or apply it to your face. Allow it to dry completely and then scrub in rounded motion with some water to remove it from your face. Wash your face with cold water.

What To Eat To Reduce Pores On The Face?

To get rid of large pores, you should stop eating fried foods, salty foods, high-glycemic-index foods, dairy products, processed foods, shellfish, and chocolate immediately.

Include fresh juices, fiber-rich, and vitamin C-rich foods into your daily diet. Also, drink a lot of water.

Final Words

Many people say that you can’t get rid of large pores you acquire from genetics—you have to accept and live with them.

Fortunately, dermatologists have designed various treatments to eliminate them.

If you want quick results and have extra cash, I would recommend you to opt for any one of the treatments I listed above.

Otherwise, you can follow a couple of pore-reducing home remedies to get smooth skin with less visible pores.

I hope after reading my article, you have got valuable information on how to reduce pore size permanently.

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