How To Remove Dead Skin From Feet Using Baking Soda

How To Remove Dead Skin From Feet Using Baking Soda?

Do you have cracked heels and dead skin on your feet that make them look unattractive and ugly? Then, read this post to know how to remove dead skin from feet using baking soda.

Baking soda is a wonderful kitchen ingredient that is used for baking perfect cakes and cookies. But did you know you can take advantage of it for your skin? Yes, you have read it right!

When it comes to self-cleanliness and hygiene, baking soda has countless astonishing advantages that will leave you surprised.

Due to its abrasive consistency, you can use it to exfoliate dirt, grim, and dead cells on your skin without over-drying it. While we give so much love and care to our hands and face, we often overlook our feet.

Not cleaning, washing, and exfoliating your feet on a day-to-day basis can lead to the accumulation of dead skin and unappealing cracked heels. Over time, your feet can begin to look ugly, dull, and dirty.

Therefore, if you want to flaunt your feet in fancy high heels, you must integrate an effective pedicure into your daily personal care routine.

Baking soda is the most reliable and the safest ingredient to clean and exfoliate your feet with. It works hard to eradicate all the glop and dead skin that prevents you from wearing your favorite shoes.

Best of all, it helps you get rid of foot odor and is very affordable than other beauty products available in the market.

So, without any further delay, here’re a few homemade methods on how to get rid of hard skin on feet quick with baking soda foot soak.

baking soda foot soak

Why Is Baking Soda Utilized As An Exfoliator?

It has an abrasive texture, so it can remove dirt and dead cells from the skin’s surface to exfoliate it. Additionally to being abrasive, its exfoliants are alkaline, so they neutralize acids.

Since our skin is covered by an acid mantle, these exfoliants interrupt and eliminate this skin protector. As a consequence, oil, dirt, and other materials are removed from our skin’s surface.

How Baking Soda Is Used?

It is most commonly used in home remedies. It’s an excellent DIY solution to exfoliate the skin.

You can add it to other ingredients to boost its exfoliating ability or use it alone to make a face mask or foot soak for dead skin.

Is Baking Soda An Effective Ingredient?

It is prepared with fine grains that aid in eliminating dead skin cells and grime without causing the irascibility you might experience from using the best hard skin remover for feet.

As it neutralizes the acid on the skin’s surface, oil and dirt are quickly removed. It also unclogs the pores, so it can help you get rid of those stubborn blackheads and whiteheads.

Furthermore, baking soda exfoliants work as an anti-acne treatment; though its usefulness has not been verified yet, it certainly has anti-fungal properties.

 diy foot peel baking soda

How To Remove Dead Skin From Feet Using Baking Soda?

1. DIY Foot Peel Baking Soda

Do you want to take your at-home pedicure to the next level? Treat your feet to a nurturing foot soak to remove dead skin and calluses with baking soda and eucalyptus oil.

Baking soda acts as a deodorizer that can aid in getting rid of smelly feet and wipe out filths. Combined with a few drops of eucalyptus oil, DIY foot peel baking soda will calm the painful muscles in your feet.

The ideal time to soak your feet in this mixture is at night or the weekend when you’re free at home. Take a small bucket and fill it with lukewarm water.

Pour in a cup full of baking soda and 15 drops of eucalyptus oil. Mix it properly with your hands. Now, put your feet inside the bucket and let them soak for 30 minutes so that this foot soak can clean your feet.

After half an hour, take a pumice stone or toothbrush and softly rub off all the dead cells off your heels and feet.

The eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory properties and a cooling impact that your tired feet will love.

This mixture can help you eliminate dirt, smell, and flaky skin. You can use it once or twice a week to get clean and beautiful feet.

2. Baking Soda In Hot Water

If you don’t want to use complicated scrubs and ingredients, you can use this simple, straightforward method.

Make a warm water bath for your feet and add in 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda. Give the water a good mix before you put your feet in.

As the water bath accomplishes a lukewarm temperature, put your feet into the mixture. The lukewarm water will soften your hard skin around the heels and beneath the foot and remove all the grime from your feet.

Baking soda has anti-microbial properties that can clean your feet and eradicate bacteria. Soaking feet in baking soda for 20 minutes daily can give you cleaner, softer, and smoother feet in a few days.

foot soak for dead skin

3. Baking Soda Foot Scrub

This next DIY method of “how to remove dead skin from feet using baking soda” is baking soda feet scrub. If you don’t want to spend money on costly foot scrubs, make this cost-effective scrub at home by using baking soda.

This foot soak for dead skin will make your feet look clean and moisturized. Add three tablespoons of baking soda, four tablespoons of lemon juice, and three tablespoons of coconut oil in a bowl and mix all ingredients to make a slippery paste.

The lemon juice and baking soda will remove bacteria, dirt, and dead cells from your skin surface. On the other hand, coconut oil will moisturize your feet and cracked heels.

You can use this double-action scrub on weekends to get softer feet in no time and eliminate foot pain or soreness.

Massage it properly on your feet to increase blood flow and make muscles flexible. Nevertheless, just like other scrubs, it can also make your feet dry, so make sure to apply moisturizing foot cream after washing your feet.

What Are The Safety And Side Effects Of Baking Soda?

Both the cosmetic ingredient review and FDA has figured out that baking soda is safe for use. Moreover, sodium bicarbonate is commonly incorporated in various over-the-counter cosmetics.

Although baking soda is safe to use, keep in mind that it can respond negatively when it interacts with the skin and the moistness within.

PH Balance

Vinegar and baking soda foot soak have a pH level between 8 and 9, so it is slightly alkaline. On average, the pH level of the surface of the skin is acidic and calculated at 4.7.

The stratum corneum, the skin’s outer layer, is the house to the acid mantle. There’s a moisture barrier underneath the acid mantle that is accountable for keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated.

When baking soda interacts with the acid mantle, it defuses the acid and compromises the moisture barrier, which can cause the skin to become dehydrated and dry.

Modification in the acid barrier affects the arrangement of the bacterial flora on the skin’s surface. In other words, our skin loses the bacteria it’s accustomed to and becomes open to bacteria that can lead to different skin problems.

How to remove dead skin from feet using baking soda can work as an exfoliant; its nullification of the acid mantle and interruption to the moisture barrier can lead to an unwanted effect on the skin.

how to get rid of hard skin on feet quick

Abrasive Texture

Baking soda homemade foot soak for dry feet serves as a physical exfoliant to eliminate dirt and dead cells from the skin surface.

Physical exfoliation initiates immediate skin peeling. Consequently, your skin can become excessively dehydrated, leading to dry and irritated skin.

Skin Irritation

Since baking soda disturbs the protective acid mantle, it can trigger skin irritation. In contrast, an insignificant amount of baking soda is less likely to irritate.

However, repeated and direct contact between skin and high concentrations of baking soda can cause skin irritation.


The cleansing advantages of how to remove dead skin from feet using baking soda are not unidentified.

A basic kitchen ingredient, baking soda, makes for an outstanding exfoliator and cleanser for your grimy and dull feet.

In addition to that, it’s extremely affordable and easily available in the market. With the DIY baking soda vinegar foot soak methods discussed above, cleaning your feet is supremely easy.

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