Is Vaseline Good For Diabetic Feet

Is Vaseline Good For Diabetic Feet?

If you are suffering from diabetes, dry skin can be an outcome of uncontrolled blood sugar disturbing your feet and legs’ nerves. It can prevent your feet from not receiving messages from your brain to sweat. Sweat is what keeps our skin soft and hydrated.

When this happens, it’s due to an ailment called diabetic neuropathy. Luckily, you can keep your feet soft and moist by regularly moisturizing them.

Now, you might be speculating about the best substances to apply on your feet. Many people put Vaseline on their feet, but the question is, “is Vaseline good for diabetic feet?”

In this guide, I will educate you about what helps diabetic dry feet and should diabetics put lotion on their feet? So, make sure to read this article till the end.

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What Is Vaseline And Is Vaseline Good For Diabetic Feet?

It’s a petroleum by-product and has numerous properties that can be advantageous for your diabetes cracked feet. It’s very greasy and smooth so that you can apply it anywhere on your skin.

Distance runners love it because it prevents blisters. You can easily find it in your local market at a very low price. Actually, it was exclusively designed to safeguard your skin from environmental effects.

Feet are consistently exposed to friction and other sorts of irritation. Its thick texture allows it to sit on the skin for some time without being engrossed or otherwise diminishing. That’s why it does not work well as a moisturizing substance.

However, it can seal cracks in the skin and insulate it from cracking any further. It means that regular usage of this product for diabetic patients might not be recommended.

Our feet have the densest and toughest skin, so they have greater possibilities of drying out, developing bumps, and cracks. Vaseline can relieve your diabetic foot so that these disorders have less effect.

The producers of Vaseline have launched a dedicated product to heal cracked feet. It’s anticipated to hydrate dry and cracked feet, especially the heels, and gives strength to the skin’s external layers that serve as defensive barriers to nuisances.

Another problem linked with dry feet is chafing, or when skin’s nearby areas rub against each other or your clothes and instigate irritation. If left unaddressed, your skin can tear apart and develop painful diabetic rashes.

You can take advantage of Vaseline in this situation. It will not only soothe the ruptured skin, but it will also serve as a barrier to prevent additional chafing.

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What Helps Diabetic Dry Feet?

They should use a high-quality thick moisturizer or lotion to keep their feet soft and hydrated. It’s better to apply the best lotion for diabetic dry skin right after bathing and before going to bed to get effective results.

Don’t apply it on the entire foot, and make sure to avoid applying it between toes because it can lead to increased moisture in between toes, an idyllic setting for fungus development.

However, if the best lotion for extremely dry diabetic skin is not adequate to help restore dry feet, you should visit your podiatrist. They can suggest the best foot cream that can be more effective than the best over the counter foot cream for diabetics.

How To Apply Vaseline On Diabetic Feet To Prevent Dryness?

  • Spread some Vaseline between your toes if you walk a lot. Toes are a popular place for chafing and friction. Vaseline will inhibit them from sticking together. In this way, you will stop any issues before they occur.
  • If you utilize an exfoliating product to get rid of dry skin from your feet, applying a small amount of Vaseline can aid in sealing moisture to avert cracking and dryness.
  • Keep in mind; Vaseline does not have any ingredients that will harm your skin, so that you can use it regularly without any hesitation. Nevertheless, if you have any doubts, you can consult your doctor before using it.


After reading my article on “is Vaseline good for diabetic feet,” you have your answer that it’s really effective for diabetic patients. You can use Vaseline to prevent cracks and dryness on your feet. If you found my post informative, please feel free to share it with other diabetic patients who have dry feet to help educate them.

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