What Happens If You Drop A Newborn Baby

What Happens If You Drop A Newborn Baby?

Accidents happen, no matter how much vigilant you have been.

If you drop your infant accidentally, or they fall off the bed or sofa, you may feel guilty and panic.

Those feelings are compounded when a 2 week old baby fell hit head. But perfect attentiveness is impossible.

Fortunately, babies are strong, and in most situations where they fall or you dropped newborn baby on hardwood floor from a small distance, there is little cause for worry.

When an infant falls, the first thing you need to do is peacefully examine the damage and look out for the symptoms of serious injury.

If they are seriously injured, ensure they get immediate medical attention.

In this guide, I will tell you what happens if you drop a newborn baby and what to do if baby falls off bed on hard surface.

What To Do If Baby Falls Off Bed On Hard Surface

What Happens If You Drop A Newborn Baby?

You may drop your little one while carrying him down or up the stairs.

Or they could fall off a couch, bed, or any other surface.

Even if you are highly attentive, sometimes they can fall, or you can drop them.

As it is inevitable to happen, the most prevalent scenario is that your newborn will hit his head.

If the fall was from a short distance, your baby could recover immediately with a few hugs and kisses.

However, if the fall was very high or far, your baby may still seem okay—but you should get him examined by a doctor.

What Happens When You Dropped Newborn On Hardwood Floor?

As we mentioned earlier, a short-distance fall is not a matter of concern.

The actual hazard occurs when a newborn falls onto a hardwood floor from a height of three to five feet.

Brain damage, internal bleeding, broken limbs, skull fractures, etc., are the most serious injuries connected with a fall.

Fortunately, the possibilities of these injuries occurring due to a drop or fall are sporadic.

Decisive action can reduce the long-term effects of dropping baby on head.

dropped newborn on hardwood floor

How To Determine If It Is An Emergency?

It is difficult to determine whether newborns are experiencing severe pain or have sustained an injury.

There are a few vital signs you should look for.

Before picking up your baby after a fall, watch for evident head injury symptoms.

In case of a head injury, call 911 for emergency assistance. These symptoms include:

  • Unconsciousness
  • Vomiting
  • Swelling over the head
  • Blood coming out of the ears, mouth, or nose
  • Inflammation of the soft spot

If any of these symptoms exist, don’t pick up your baby and comfort him.

The odds are that they may have injured their back or neck, and you don’t want to worsen the injury by picking them up.

If there is a deformity anywhere on the body, it should also be treated immediately.

If your newborn has a seizure after a drop, softly roll him to his side before contacting 911.

If the baby is conscious and crying and has no clear symptoms of injury, pick him up and comfort him.

If he doesn’t stop crying even after comforting him, you should be worried and take him to the doctor.

The physician will perform an x-ray, MRI, or CT to learn more about the situation.

What To Do If Baby Falls Off Bed On Hard Surface?

Now, you know what happens if you drop a newborn baby, you need to know what to do if I dropped my newborn baby on hard surface.

Do these things if your newborn falls.

  • Always stay attentive to prevent falls.
  • Utilize given safety belts on changing tables.
  • When a newborn falls, respond calmly.
  • Don’t fall asleep with an infant on your chest.
  • Look for bumps and swellings and move their legs and arms.
  • If there are bumps or swelling on their body and they don’t seem to be themselves after a drop or fall, you should take them to a doctor as early as possible.

long-term effects of dropping baby on head


Dropping a newborn can happen to anyone. So, you should not feel panic or guilty for not being a responsible and attentive parent.

Just do your best to ensure your residence is safe to guarantee that something like a 2 week old baby fell hit head does not happen again.

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